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7A U7一、单词辨音1/ A/ sizeB/ slimC/ cinemaD/ gift 2/ A/ costB/ pocketC/ anotherD/ top3/ A/ hamburgerB/ stampC/ matchD/ parent4/ A/ alsoB/ mallC/ tallD/ wall5/ A/ cookB/ footC/ bootD/ bookshop6/ A/ musicB/ presentC/ restaurantD/ Tuesday7/ A/ eachB/ meatC/ greatD/ team8/ A/ cheapB/ ChristmasC/ chickenD/ chip9/ A/ prettyB/ tryC/ energyD/ healthy10/ A/ pinkB/ thankC/ uncleD/ grandparent二、词组翻译1/ 需要他拎所有的包2/ 五层商店3/ 在顶层4/ 给她买鞋发夹5/ 买和不同的礼物6/ 对听音乐感兴趣7/ 享受各种零食8/ 大多数孩子们9/ 离学校不远10/ 这是你的找头三、动词填空 1/ Sandy and Simon each _ (get) a present from Andy/ How happy they are!2/ How much _ the book _ (cost) Amy?3/ The beautiful hair clips _ (match) Sandys coat very well/ 4/ Now many people _ (not buy) things in shops/ but they like _ (shop) online/ 5/ What about _ (find) some nice things for your parents in this shop?6/ Look! She _ (carry) a new beautiful handbag/ 7/ Do you have enough money _ (take) the music box?8/ Mum/ I need my own wallet _ (put) my pocket money in/ 9/ Are you interested in _ (cook) some real English food?10/ More and more people know how _ (have) fun in the shopping center/ 11/ Jim/ with his friends/ _ (practice) basketball over there/ 12/ I _ (not be) in the football club/ 13/ - May I _ (change) my seat/ please? Sorry/ youd better not/ 14/ How much _ (be) this pair of trousers? 15/ Our teacher never _ (chat) with other teachers in the office when they are at work/ 16/ We need some money _ (buy) some storybooks/ 17/ This years football cards _ (cost) two yuan each/ 18/ You can use a computer _ (help) you shop online/ 19/ Amy _ (put) on her coat and goes to school/ 20/ The wool sweater makes Tom _ (feel) warm/ 21/ I will spend much time _ (get) my lessons ready/ 22/ Do you think it fun _ (take) the dog for a walk/ 23/ Look! There is a kite _ (fly) high in the sky/ 24/ We must get there before it _ (begin) to rain/ 25/ He isnt strong enough _ (carry) the heavy shopping bag/ 四、完型Mrs/ White is worried about her weight/ so she goes to see a _1_/ “Oh/ I am too_2_/ I need to be thin/ “It isnt _3_ to do that/” the doctor says/ “All you need to do is go on a diet/ Ill give you one/” The doctor takes out a piece of paper and writes “Eat lots of fruit and vegetables/ _4_/ eat a lot of lean meat and grains/” The doctor hands the _5_ to Mrs/ White/ “Eat all those things and youll soon be _6_/”A few _7_ later/ Mrs/ Whites friend visits her in the late afternoon/ Her friend is surprised to see that Mrs/ White is _8_ than before and that she is eating a big sandwich with chocolate cake and ice cream/“I thought you were on a _9_/” her friend says/ “Oh/ I am/” Mrs/ White answers/ “I had all the food on my diet today/ Now Im having my _10_/ ( ) 1/ A/ cookB/ doctorC/ friendD/ waiter ( ) 2/ A/ fatB/ thin C/ wellD/ happy ( ) 3/ A/ easyB/ hardC/ interesting D/ boring ( ) 4/ A/ Also B/ ButC/ BecauseD/ So( ) 5/ A/ foodB/ dietC/ paperD/ grains( ) 6/ A/ thinB/ fatC/ happyD/ tired( ) 7/ A/ weeksB/ hoursC/ minutesD/ second( ) 8/ A/ thinnerB/ fatterC/ sadderD/ healthier( ) 9/ A/ visitB/ trickC/ dietD/ holiday( ) 10/ A/ breakfastB/ lunchC/ teaD/ dinner Plants grow fast in spring _1_ summer because the weather is _2_ with _3_ rain/ When autumn comes/ the weather becomes _4_ and dry/ Plants grow _5_ in autumn/ Some may die _6_ winter comes/ But some plants still _7_ in winter/ In autumn their leaves turn _8_ and fall off/ So they can lose _9_ water through the leaves/ When spring comes/ _10_ leaves will grow out/ 1/ A/ orB/ butC/ to D/ too2/ A/ coldB/ warmC/ coolD/ hot3/ A/ a littleB/ a lotC/ littleD/ much 4/ A/ coldB/ coolC/ hotD/ warm5/ A/ badlyB/ wellC/ slowlyD/ fast6/ A/ afterB/ beforeC/ becauseD/ if 7/ A/ areB/ haveC/ dieD/ live8/ A/ yellowB/ greenC/ blueD/ white9/ A/ much B/ moreC/ littleD/ less10/ A/ fewB/ largeC/ newD/ old 五、阅读People are so busy these days that many people have no time to cook/ This becomes a problem/ because most families love home cooking/ The food tastes good and warm/ and a family meal brings everyone together/ In some families/ meals are often the only time everyone sees one another at the same time/ Another reason people enjoy home cooking is that it is often a way of showing love/ A parent who makes some cookies is not just satisfying a childs sweet tooth/ She or he is sending a message/ The message says/ “I care about you/ So I spend an hour making cookies that you will eat up in 15 minutes if I let you/”There is also something about the smell of home cooking/ The smell of home cooking pleases people of all ages/ It makes most of us feel good and lovedeven if we are the ones doing the cookies/ Next time you smell a cake/ stop for a moment and pay attention to your mood/ 1/ Why do fewer people cook now?A/ They like fast food/ B/ Many people have no time/ C/ Many people dont like cooking/ D/ They dont like family meals/ 2/ A parent spends an hour making cookies_A just to satisfy her or his childs sweet tooth B/ only to send a messageC/ to let a child eat up in 15 minutesD/ often to show her or his love3/ The writer thinks the smell of home cooking_A/ makes us happyB/ makes us be interested in cookingC/ makes us pay attention to our moodD/ makes us love others4/ Whats the main idea of this passage?A/ Family meals are importantB/ How to make cookiesC/ People are too busy to cook D/ Home-made cookies taste better How do most students spend(度过) their free time? Do they have time to do things they like? Lets see what some students do during their free time/ Ben is eleven/ He has a sister/ Kate/ Both of them like going to the cinema/ Every Sunday morning/ they go to the town by train and then they go to the cinema because they live in the country(乡下) and there is no cinema there/ They arrive in the town at noon/ They usually have a big dinner in their favourite restaurant first/ and then buy some food in the supermarket before they go to their favourite cinema called the Star Cinema/ They like it because the seats there are the most comfortable and the films shown in the cinema are always the newest/ They always have a good time on Sundays but when the weather is bad or they are busy with their homework/ they cant go/5/ Ben and Kate always spend their Sundays _/ A/ watching TV B/ going shoppingC/ doing homework D/ going to the cinema6/ They go to see a film_/A/ at homeB/ by busC/ on footD/ by train7/ They go to see a film because _/A/ they like the cinema there B/there is no cinema near their hometownC/they dont know other cinemas D/ they want to go shopping in the town8/ When they are in the town/ they _ first/A/ go to the cinemaB/ buy food C/ have dinner D/ play in the street20 Mary/ 2003Dear David/ Thank you for your letter/ I am glad to know that everything is going well with you/ Thanks also for the photos/ Linda looks health ier and taller than before/ It is very hot here now/ but sometimes rains/ We love the rains very much/ We are enjoying our stay here/ I am now studying in a bigger school/ There are more teachers and students in this school than in my school in England/ My teachers and classmates are all very friendly to me/ Time goes so quickly/ I am having new experience (经历) all the time/ It is difficult to learn Chinese/ but I am making progress (进步) with the help of my teachers and classmates/ The summer holiday is coming/ Here in Jinan the summer holiday usually lasts about two months/ So Ill be free for over sixty days/ I hope you and Linda could come to Jinan for a visit/ Then I can show you around the famous “Spring City” in China/ Love to you and Linda/Yours/Mike9/ Who is the letter for?A/ LindaB/ David C/ Mike D/ David an d Linda10/ What is the season in Jinan now?A/ Spring B/ Summer C/ Autumn D/ Winter11/ Which of the following is true?A/ Linda grows taller and thinner/ B/ It never rains in spring in Jinan/C/ Mike has made no progress/ D/ Mike asks his friends to visit Jinan/六、短文填空 Let me tell you something a_ my little dog Snoopy/ S
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