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1、大学英语(山东联盟) 2019 智慧树知到超星尔雅网课答案2019智慧树知到超星尔雅网课答案大全第 1 章 单元测试1 、After a physical exam/ my doctor said I was in good condition except that my blood pressure was a little high/答案: resumed2、Sam _ the gift of imagination from his family/ but helacked the driving power to take action/答案:第一空:ve got to/ve got

2、 to/ have got to第二空: later第三空:that s/ thats/ that is第四空:then3、A bee that has found honey is able to _ to other bees the information they need in order to collect the honey/答案:第一空:buzzing4、Some people believe that the earth can _ enough food to support at least twice its present population/答案:该问题答案暂未

3、收录,请手动搜索。5、In order to make sure he would be able to attend the meeting/ I called him up two weeks_/答案: in advance第 2 章 单元测试1 、Thanks to the _ of air transport/ everyone is free to go anywhere at any time/答案:第一空:not more than2、The wedding ceremony of my sister was a very _ experience for our family/

4、答案: emotional3、The local government is pressed to find new places to_ waste答案: dump4、Jennifer couldn t _ her tears when she saw the sick children at a new blood cancer center in Virginia/答案: At the end of her course/ she made broader/ more cohesive arguments/ 、 At the end of her time at university/

5、she was able to use references more to support her propositions/5、Mary was a careful speaker/ every word seemed to have been _ before it was allowed to escape through her lips/ 答案: polished第 3 章 单元测试1 、If a company decreases health benefits for its employees/ they should increase salaries to _ the w

6、orkers/答案: compensate2、Some of your suggestions have been / but others have been turned down as they are not workable/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。3、I find it very difficult to _ the fact that two of our best students failed the exam/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。4、We have sent our union _ to look into the case and see

7、who is responsible/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。5、The key to an effective presentation is to state your points clearly and _ each of your points at the end of your presentation/答案: summarize第 4 章 单元测试1、Fortunately/ the accident didnt_many people/for there was little traffic at that hour/答案: involve2、She her a

8、mbition of becoming a fashion designer after years of hard work/答案: did3、The duties to provide services for children in need are not to the local social services department/答案:第一空:confined4、This rule should be entirely clear in the minds of everyone and should not be misunderstood under any_/答案: cir

9、cumstance5、My daughter was shy/ she was afraid to ask questions/_to questions in class/ or talk with other children/答案: respond第 5 章 单元测试1 、We all admitted that the trip was worthwhile after we saw a _ palace and a fantastic museum/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。2、Shops try to meet the DIY fashion by offering c

10、onsumers parts and hardware which they can _ at home/ 答案: take your old tyres back for a small fee/3、According to the terms of your _/ you must give three months notice if you intend to leave this company/答案: 答案 未收 , 手 搜索。4、It was _ that the professor s lecture failed toimpress the students as some

11、of them had left before it was over/答案: the night5、The local government has been providing _ support tothem/ without which they couldn t have been so successful/答案: 答案 未收 , 手 搜索。第 6 章 单元测试1、The difficult curriculum/ and fierce competitionhave a serious on students physical and mental health/答案: take

12、n toll2、Animal fats and sugar to a weight problem and can be afactor in heart disease/答案: contribute3、Thousands of miles apart/ we met with quarrels/ and sometimes even a cold war/ but we still to love/答案: hold on4、Encourage your child to reach a(n) between what he wants and what you want/答案: compro

13、mise5、Competition in the financial market hasprofits/答案: eroded第 7 章 单元测试1 、Nowadays all governments try their best to serve their people and fight against _/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。2、Some students in our universiy have been _ for cheating on their final exams/答案:编译失败3、We can use special machines to dete

14、ct _money/答案: predict4、 It s _ to break into peoples house to take pictures/答案: thick5、Punishments for_ which is a form ofintellectual dishonesty differ from country to country/答案: plagiarism第 8 章 单元测试1、The bulletin board has become the childrenfavorite/ on which they often display their creativedra

15、wings/答案: magnetic2、If students dont study their lessons as they weretold/ will show up quickly when they take an exam/答案: deficiencies3、A firefighter tried to get into the burning house/ buthe was forced to by the intense heat/答案: retreats4、He carried the cup across the room/ walking carefullyfor f

16、ear of the tea/答案: spilling5、With this method/ you can produce really designs with the simplest machines/答案: elaborate第 9 章 单元测试1 、I think I got serious about this only recently when I _ one of my former students/ fresh from anexcursion to Europe/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。2、Perhaps language should be _ as

17、a road map and valuable possession/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。3、In short/ participation in sports is extremely _ for college students not only physically but also emotionally and socially/答案: beneficial4、Too much _ to dirty air can cause people to suffer from allergies and diseases that will eventually affe

18、ct people s health/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。5、The mayor decided to _his speech in order to leave enough time for his audience to raise questions/答案: condense第 10 章 单元测试1 、In our class/ most discussions and activities take place in assigned small groups/ These groups provide a supportive and safe environme

19、nt that learning/答案: four Germans2、It is the development strategy of the company toits overseas expansion in order to take a slice of the world market/答案: accelerate3、There is a real need to academic achievement inschools and help with the developmentof a studentsoverall character/答案: boost4、Einstei

20、n said his scientific discoveries grew from his imagination rather than from/ reason and language/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。5、Being a single parent/ there is no way for her to_the time and energy she has devoted to her childrenfor the past 10 years/答案: calculate第 11 章 单元测试1 、It is _ for every family to mak

21、e earthquake emergency plans and know how to leave the area during the chaos following an earthquake/答案: It is modern/2、People who were born _ to the 60s or 70s in the last century tended to become financially independent earlier/ 答案: prior3、Horror and doubt _ his troubled thoughts/答案:第一空:studies4、E

22、conomists are interested in all the factors that can help to _ the extent to which a price change will affect supply and demand in the market/答案: predict5、The committee agreed that his papers _ a wider circulation because of their essential and fundamental interest to a larger audience/答案: deserve第

23、12 章 单元测试1、We are too young to tie the _/答案: knot2、She was not _to his personality/ but she was scared/答案:在接下来的 6 年里,莎莉赢得了许多国内国际的赛事,但她已不再是那个快乐而无忧无虑的女孩了。3、His “bad boy ” image was just too _to resist/答案: disadvantage4、I really loved him but was _about our chances forsuccess/答案:第一空:chin5、Sam is always

24、 a perfect gentleman and _a lot of credit for that/答案: deserves第 13 章 单元测试1 、Many drivers think that most passengers are very pleasant/ although occasionally they can be /答案: nasty2、Sales of the new drug will beuntil more testsare completed/答案: suspended3、Our union leaders want toa good workingrelat

25、ionship between the government and labor unions/答案: cement4、On television/ we can see many demonstrations againstthe evergrowing between the“super rich” and the“struggling middle class”/答案: gap5、 The soldiers were in need of food and medical supplies/Otherwise/ they could only resist for two days/答案

26、: urgently第 14 章 单元测试1 、Although personally we believe this to be of only secondary importance/ its potential role in _ innovativeacts cannot be ignored/答案: motivating2、Western nations have older and shrinking populations since they entered the 21st century and their _ birth rates have also posed pr

27、oblems/ 答案: fluctuating3、People are concerned about the environment issue because air and water pollution not only affects everyone s health but also makes it difficult for businesses to _/答案: profit4、To illustrate my point of view/ I would like to _from a source that many of us find more authoritat

28、ivethan the words of a businessman/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。5、These people living in this area are still _ theirtraditions which give their life meaning and help them in answering many questions/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。第 15 章 单元测试1 、A gentle fog was beginning to _ the valley/ thus making it more mysterious/答案: veil2、The two countries failed to agree on everything butfinally came to a(n) _/答案: is closing down3、As a reader/ you should know how to make _ in the choice of books/答案: discrimination4、In general/ everyone is not _ to admit his dullness/ 答案: All Brit

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