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About 67% of app downloads come from organic app store search/ This means people tend to search for a specific app using some generic search terms in the app store/ At the same time/ app stores are steadily growing/ In order to get your app discovered and downloaded/ you have to develop a sophisticated keyword strategy for your ASO/

Research Relevant Keywords

Keywords are one major factor inApp Store Optimization/ as customers use keywords in various combinations to search for your app/ So the most important action to take when you start your App Store Optimization iskeyword research/ This means you research/ analyze and place selected keywords on your app page tomaximize the chance to get found by potential customers/

Where to find keyword ideas?There are several sources where you can get ideas for your keyword set/

  • Do some competitor research and analyze which keywords they use/

  • Read review comments and analyze which words your users take to describe your app/

  • Do some very short brainstorming with friends or colleagues/ Let them consider when and how they would search for your app/

  • UseKeyword Suggestions Feature by App Radar ASO Tool/ It shows you frequently used search terms based on the keyword entered in the search field/Create a free App Radar account today!

Another popular tool for keyword research is Google’skeyword planner/ It shows you how frequently a specific keyword is used for google search per month and gets you an idea of what’s trending on the web/

Consider App Store Search Behaviour

To optimize for search results/ it’s important to understand how users are searching/ ASO is often named as “App Store SEO” or “mobile SEO”/ Both ASO and SEO follow a similar concept/ But when it comes to keyword optimization/ you have to consider thedifference between app store search behavior and online search behavior/

While as online search queries commonly consist of various keywords and phrases/searches on the app storeare preferably short and generic/ The majority of app store search queries consist of several words expressing some functionality of the app/ Also/ searches for particular brand names are very likely in the app store/ as users often intend to find a specific app/ They are commonly looking for an app that serves their needs and have a specific idea in mind/

Can I boost my app’s visibility in search results via advertising?Apple is trying to improve a user’s search experience in the App Store/ WithSearch Ads/ iOS developers should get the opportunity to advertise their app based on keyword search/

Find the right Balance between Keyword Popularity and Competition

The heart of agood keyword strategyis a solid base of relevant keywords matching with your app/ At the same time/ your focus keywords should show the right balance between competition and search volume/

Users show a higher request for very generic terms like „shopping” or „messenger “/ known as short-tail keywords/ However/ competition for those keywords is considerably high/ Due to their general meaning and broad usage/ they will be relevant and desired for various other apps/ Including rather specific search terms lets you face lower competition and a greater chance to get your app downloaded/ Furthermore/ combined or specific search terms show a higher intention of the user to download an app/ Having a good keyword strategy implemented means/ you can acquire those people for your app/

Choose Your Keywords Wisely for App Store

It’s crucial to regularly optimize your keyword strategy/ especially for your Apple App Store listing/ In iTunesConnect/ the space for keywords is limited/App NameandKeyword Fieldare relevant factors for the ranking algorithm but limited to 30 characters (App Name) and 100 characters (Keyword Field)/

Know which Keywords work well and which do not

In order to optimize your Keyword Strategy/ you have to know which keywords work good for you and which do not/ WithApp Radar ASO Toolyou can track ranking results based on specific keywords/ It shows you how your app ranks for a keyword and whether it lets your app decline or rise in search results/ Look up your statistics within the online dashboard or get it delivered straight to your inbox or slack channel/

Also/ compare how else is ranking for a specific search term and how popular it is in the App Store/ This helps you get an overview of your app store performance and gives you a feeling of how to further optimize your ASO Keyword Strategy/

Grow Your Apps with Less Effort

Find new keywords/ Optimize all localizations/ Spy on competitors/ Track ASO changes/

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