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Unit 1 一、课文A young man finds that strolling along the streets without an obvious purpose can lead to trouble with the law/ One misunderstanding leads to another until eventually he ends up in court /一个青年发现,在大街上毫无明显目的地游逛会招致警方的责罚。 误会一个接一个发生,最终他只得出庭受审A Brush with the LawI have only once been in trouble with the law/ The whole process of being arrested and taken to court was a rather unpleasant experience at the time/ but it makes a good story now/ What makes it rather disturbing was the arbitrarycircumstances both of my arrest and my subsequentfate in court/与***的一场小冲突我平生只有一次跟警方发生纠葛。被捕和出庭的整个过程在当时是一件非常不愉快的事,但现在倒成了一篇很好的故事。这次经历令人可恼之处在于围绕着我的被捕以及随***上审讯而出现的种种武断专横的情况。It happened in February about twelve years ago/ I had left school a couple of months before that and was not due to go to university until the following October/ I was still living at home at the time/事情发生在大约12年前,其时正是2月。几个月前我中学毕业了,但上大学要等到10月。当时我还在家中居住。One morning I was in Richmond/ a suburb of London near where I lived/ I was looking for a temporary job so that I could save up some money to go travelling/ As it was a fine day and I was in no hurry/ I was taking my time/ looking in shop windows/ strolling in the park/ and sometimes just stopping and looking around me/ It must have been this obvious aimlessness that led to my downfall/一天早晨,我来到里士满。这里是伦敦的一个郊区,离我住的地方不远。我在寻找一份临时工作,以便积些钱去旅游。由于天气晴朗,当时又无急事,我便慢悠悠看看橱窗,逛逛公园。有时干脆停下脚步,四处张望。现在看来,一定是这种明显的毫无目的的游逛,使我倒了霉。It was about half past eleven when it happened/ I was just walking out of the local library/ having unsuccessfully sought employment there/ when I saw a man walking across the road with the obvious intention of talking to me/ I thought he was going to ask me the time/ Instead/ he said he was a police officer and he was arresting me/ At first I thought it was some kind of joke/ But then another policeman appeared/ this time in uniform/ and I was left in no doubt/事情发生在11点半钟光景。我在当地图书馆谋职未成,刚刚走出来,便看到一个人穿越马路,显然是要来跟我说话。我以为他要问我时间,不料他说他是警官,要逮捕我。起先我还以为这是在开玩笑,但又一个***出现在我的面前,这次是位身着***的,这一下使我确信无疑了。But what for? I asked/“为什么要抓我?”我问道。Wandering with intent to commit an arrestableoffence/ he said/“到处游荡,企图作案,”他说。What offence? I asked/“作什么案?”我又问。Theft/ he said/“偷窃,”他说。Theft of what? I asked/“偷什么?”我追问。Milk bottles/ he said/ and with a perfectly straight face too!“牛奶瓶,”他板着面孔说道。Oh/ I said/“噢,”我说。It turned out there had been a lot of petty thefts in the area/ particularly that of stealing milk bottles from doorsteps/事情原来是这样的,在这一地区多次发生小的扒窃案,特别是从门前台阶上偷走牛奶瓶。Then I made my big mistake/ At the time I was nineteen/ had long untidy hair/ and regarded myself as part of the sixties youth counterculture/ As a result/ I wanted to appear cool and unconcerned with the incident/ so I said/ How long have you been following me? in the most casual and conversational tone I could manage/ I thus appeared to them to be quite familiar with this sort of situation/ and it confirmed them in their belief that I was a thoroughlydisreputable character/接着,我犯了一个大错误。其时我年方19,留一头蓬乱的长发,自认为是60年代“青年反主流文化”的一员。所以我想装出一副冷漠的、对这一事件满不在乎的样子。于是我尽量用一种漫不经心的极其随便的腔调说,“你们***我多久啦?”这样一来,在他们眼里,我就像是非常熟悉这一套的了,也使他们更加确信我是一个地地道道的坏蛋。A few minutes later a police car arrived/几分钟后,开来了一辆警车。Get in the back/ they said/ Put your hands on the back of the front seat and dont move them/“坐到后面去,”他们说。“把手放到前排座位的靠背上,不准挪动。”They got in on either side of me/ It wasnt funny any more/他们分别坐在我的两边。这可再也不是闹着玩的了。At the police station they questioned me for several hours/ I continued to try to look worldly and au fait with the situation/ When they asked me what I had been doing/ I told them Id been looking for a job/ Aha/ I could see them thinking/ unemployed/在***局,他们审讯了我好几个小时。我继续装成老于世故、对这种事习以为常。当他们问我在干什么时,我告诉他们在找工作。“啊,”我可以想象他们在想,“果然是个失业的家伙。”Eventually/ I was officially charged and told to report to Richmond Magistrates Court the following Monday/ Then they let me go/最后,我被正式指控,并通知我下周一到里士满地方法庭受审。随后他们让我离开。I wanted to conduct my own defence in court/ but as soon as my father found out what had happened/ he hired a very good solicitor/ We went along that Monday armed with all kinds of witnesses/ including my English teacher from school as a character witness/ But he was never called on to give evidence/ My trial didnt get that far/ The magistrate dismissed the case after fifteen minutes/ I was free/ The poor police had never stood a chance/ The solicitor even succeeded in getting costs awarded against the police/我想在法庭上作自我辩护,但父亲知道这事后,马上请了一位高明的律师。我们星期一出庭的时候,带了各种各样的证人,其中包括我中学的英语老师,做我人品的见证人。但结果法庭没有叫他作证。我的“审判”没有进行到那一步。开庭15分钟,法官就驳回了对我的指控。我无罪获释。可怜的警方败诉,我的律师甚至让法庭责成警方承担了诉讼费用。And so I do not have a criminal record/ But what was most shocking at the time was the things my release from the charge so clearly depended on/ I had the right accent/ respectablemiddle-class parents in court/ reliable witnesses/ and I could obviously afford a very good solicitor/ Given the obscure nature of the charge/ I feel sure that if I had come from a different background/ and had really been unemployed/ there is every chance that I would have been found guilty/While asking for costs to be awarded/ my solicitors case quite obviously revolved around the fact that I had a brilliant academic record/这样,我的履历上没有留下犯罪的记录。但当时最令人震惊的,是那些显然导致宣布我无罪的证据。我讲话的口音“表明我教养良好”,到庭的有体面的中产阶级的双亲,有可靠的证人,还有,我显然请得起一名很好的律师。从对我指控的这种捕风捉影的做法来看,我肯定,如果我出身在另一种背景的家庭里,并且真的是失了业的话,我完全可能被判有罪。当我的律师要求赔偿诉讼费时,他公然把辩护的证据建立在我“学业优异”这一事实上。Meanwhile/ just outside the courtroom/ one of the policemen who had arrested me was gloomily complaining to my mother that another youngster had been turned against the police/ You could have been a bit more helpful when we arrested you/ he said to me reproachfully/与此同时,就在审判室外面,一位抓我的***正在沮丧地向我母亲抱怨,说是又一个小伙子要跟***作对了。他带着责备的口气对我说,“我们抓你的时候,你本可以稍微帮点忙的。”What did he mean? Presumably that I should have looked outraged and said something like/ Look here/ do you know who youre talking to? I am a highly successful student with a brilliant academic record/ How dare you arrest me! Then they/ presumably/ would have apologized/ perhaps even taken off their caps/ and let me on my way/他说这话什么意思?大概是说我本该显出愤愤不平的样子,并说,“喂,留神点,你知道你在跟谁说话?我是学业出众的高材生。你敢抓我!”那样一来,他们或许会向我道歉,说不定还会脱帽致意,让我走开呢。二、课文完形填空Fate (1) is sometimes not very kind to policemen like myself/ Take as an example the recent trial (2) in which I was involved/ When I arrested the young lad I had felt sure he was guilty (3) I had been following him around for a couple of (4) hours and he conduct (5) himself suspiciously/ He had been wandering (6) about and it seemed to me that he was looking for an opportunity to steal/ When I arrested him/ his casual (7) manner only served to confirm (8) my suspicions/ I thought I had at last caught the thief who had been troubling the area for so long/Howev
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