2013届高考英语一轮复习 unit1 A land of diversity课件 新人教版选修8

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1、2013届高考英语一轮复习课件/新人教版浙江专用/根据语境猜词义 (1) Earthquakes occur frequently in this area/ (2) It didnt occur to him that she would refuse his invitation/ (3) Do giraffes occur in Africa only?/ occur vi//根据语义找匹配 A/ 存在 B/ 发生 C/ 被想到/B/C/A/句型 occur指“想到”时,后面跟介词to,常见句型: sth/ occurs to sb/ 某人想起某事 It occurs to sb/ th

2、at 某人想起 It occurs to sb/ to do sth/ 某人想起做某事/ occur vi//链接 表示“某人突然想起”的其他句型: sth/ strikes sb/ It strikes sb/ that It crosses sb/s mind that sth/ comes to sb/ It hits sb// occur vi// hire/根据语境猜词义 (1) He hired a gunman to put his competitor out of the way/ (2) The laborer is worthy of his hire/ (3) Empl

3、oyers should hire men and women without distinction/ (4)The company hires out cars/ (5)The car is for hire// hire/根据语义找匹配 A/ 租用(多指临时性的)vt/ B/ 雇佣 vt/ C/ 出租 D/ 租用 n/ (不可数) E/ 雇工工钱 n//答案 (1)A (2)E (3)B (4)C (5)D/ hire/辨析 hire/lease/rent/let 这些动词均含“租,租用”之意。 hire多指***用。在英国一般指租用车、船。 lease指按照租约租出或租用房屋、土地或其

4、他不动产。 rent在英国指较长时间租出或租入房屋、商店或土地;而在美国指长时间或短时期租用各种资产以及日用东西。 let尤指出租房屋或地产等。/ hire/短语 for hire 可供出租 on hire from 从处租用 hire and fire 聘用与解雇 hire out 雇佣/活用 单项填空 He was _ as a salesman in Samsung Company/ but was soon _ because of his dereliction of duty/ A/ employed/ firing B/ employed/ fired C/ hired/ fir

5、ing D/ hiring/ being fired/ hire/解析 他被三星公司雇佣了,但很快又因为***被解雇了。/B/ grasp/根据语境猜词义 (1)Grasp all/ lose all/ (2)I dont grasp your meaning/ (3)Happiness was within his grasp/ (4)This work is beyond my grasp// grasp/根据语义找匹配 A抓;抓住 (vt/) B抓住;理解 C掌控中 (n/) D理解;掌握 (不可数名词,有时可加不定冠词)/答案 (1)A (2)B (3)C (4)D/ grasp/活

6、用 汉译英 (1)这是一个很难理解的概念。 (2)可能的时候一定要抓住机会。/答案 (1)Its a hard concern to grasp/ (2)Grasp your chances while you can// keep up/根据语境猜词义 (1) Keep up your courage/ (2) If you cannot keep up/ I can walk more slowly//根据语义找匹配 A/ 跟上;赶上 B/ 持续;维持/A/B/短语 keep back 隐瞒, 保留, 阻止, 阻挡 keep (on)doing sth/ 继续、重复做某事 keep sb/

7、 from doing sth/ 阻止某人做某事 keep on 继续 keep out of 不进入(某处),留在外边 keep to sth/ 遵守,信守 keep up with 跟上,与同步前进/ keep up/活用 用正确的介词或副词填空 (1) She kept _ working although she was tired/ (2) The high cost of raw materials is keeping prices _/ (3) A certain percentage of your salary is kept _ by your boss/ (4) She

8、 wore a hat to keep the sun _ of her eyes//out/ keep up/on/up/back/ take in收留;欺骗;吸入;包括;理解,领会/根据语境猜词义 (1) Fish take in oxygen through their gills/ (2) Dont let yourself be taken in by his tricks//根据语义找匹配 A/ 吸入 B/ 欺骗/A/B/ take in收留;欺骗;吸入;包括;理解,领会/活用 根据句意填入take相关的正确短语 (1) Anything you say may be taken

9、_ and used as evidence/ (2) Her time is fully taken _ with writing/ (3) The company began to take _ new staff/ (4) Dont be taken _ by his charming manner//in/down/up/on/Exactly when the first people arrived in what we now know as California/ no one really knows/ (P2) 没有人真正知道第一批人到达我们现在叫做加 利福尼亚的地方的准确时

10、间。/本句的正常语序应为No one really knows exactly when the first people arrived in what we now know as California/ 其中what we now know as California 是一个宾语从句,充当介词in的宾语。/A modern city has been set up in what was a wasteland ten years ago/ The way he did it was different from what we were used to//活用 单项填空 (2010山东

11、)Before the sales start/ I make a list of _ my kids will need for the coming season/ A/ why B/ what C/ how D/ which/B/一、写作词汇 1/获得幸福 _ 2/使生活舒适多彩 _ 3/将羡慕变为现实 _ 4/意志薄弱的人 _ 5/与幸福并驾齐驱 _ 6/自我毁灭 _/achieve happiness/make life more comfortable and colorful/turn admiration into reality/a weakwilled person/go

12、hand in hand with happiness/ones own ruin/一、写作词汇 7/用心感受 _ 8/珍惜每一秒 _ 9/有花园的大房子 _ 10/过去的每一天 _ 11/致力于寻找幸福 _ 12/社会福利 _/a feeling of ones heart/treasure every moment/a beautiful house with large gardens/each passing day/devote to seeking happiness/the welfare of the society/二、句型操练 1/幸福一直是许多人所期盼的。(long fo

13、r) 2/他们中大部分的人努力通过踏实的劳动来获取财富是事实。(It is true that)/答案 1/ Happiness has always been what some people long for/ 2/ It is true that most of them try to acquire wealth by means of honest labor//二、句型操练 3/毫无疑问尤其在现代社会,财富会带来幸福。(There is no doubt that) 4/如果你用心感受,幸福就在你的身边。(put ones heart into) 5/幸福并不意味着拥有最好的东西。

14、(mean)/二、句型操练/答案 3/ There is no doubt that wealth brings happiness especially in the modern society/ 4/ Happiness is always around you if you put your heart into it/ 5/ Happiness doesnt mean to have the best of things//三、实战演练 不同的人对幸福有不同的看法,有的人认为幸福就是被家人或朋友围绕,有的人认为幸福就是获得成功,而对于已经受伤或身体有残疾的人来说,幸福仅仅就是一天没有

15、痛苦或能够幸存下来,你对幸福的看法是什么呢,请以What is happiness to you? 为题写一篇120词左右的短文。/注意: 1简单描述上述几种看法。 2谈谈你的观点和感受。/One possible version: What is happiness to you?Different people have different answers/ To some people/ happiness is being surrounded by family and friends/To others/ happiness means achieving success in something/ such as meeting a goal/ To those who have been injured or struggle with a physics disability/ happiness can simply mean a day without pain or just being alive//As for me/ happiness means many things/ Firstly/ as a student/ getting good results in exams is happiness/ And then going to a

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